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Being Emotionally Free

If you want to be free emotionally, than you need to:

Forgive Others.

Forgive Yourself.

You cannot succeed if you cannot forgive.

You cannot go to the promised land carrying out unforgiveness.

You need to face and completely eradicate all evidence of unforgiveness you hold inside you.

By forgiving you purify your soul

Mastering the art of letting go will create a peace inside you, that surpasses all understanding.

Refuse to give the devil food hold in your life.

Forgiveness is the only way to bring your mind and body back to alignments. Letting go is a choice that supernaturally empowers you to prosper and thrive.

Letting go is evidence that you value more your positive emotional state than keeping it in and make you feel traumatic in bad state.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you agree with the wrong done to you, it just declares that you refuse to be held in bondage by it any longer.

Peace is the best gift you can give to yourself.

By realizing all the undealt with negative energy from the past, you are sending out a clear definite message to the universe that says “I AM NOW READY FOR SUCCESS”

Refuse to let your future be held back hostage by petty personal dilemma.

Leave the past in the past where it belongs. This is all about you being ONE with GOD.

Today is your long awaited moment of emancipation of being free.

What to do to feel and be free?

  1. Take inventory of yourself.

  2. Clean out all your emotional closet, let yourself free from the past pain.

  3. Let the peace of God rule in your heart.

  4. Accept the things that you cannot control.

  5. Give the world a shining biblical example of what real forgiveness look like.

  6. Visualize and experience the layers of the past being lifted off you one by one.

  7. Embrace the serenity of being whole again, You are now free.

Use the Affirmation:

I forgive myself and all those who have wronged me.

I embrace the freedom of peace and walk in divine healing.

The more I release the more incredible I feel.

Practical to do:

Write down the names of everyone that hurt you, offended you or betrayed you.

If you have done something wrong, put that down in writing as well as ask for forgiveness.

Once you have done that, pray over the list of names and ask God to bless them in every aspects of their lives. Do this every day until you flash all negative energy and you will take all these people out of your system.

This is the burning point.

Everything in your life is about to change. God is about to restore the lost years and reward yo for the faithfulness.