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Each morning you must take at least 10 minutes of your precious time to focus on creating the primary list of the day. What do i mean by creating the primary list of the day? Well, our day is filled full of activities which can be important ones, or unimportant. If you do not decide/organize in the morning your primary task for the day, then someone else will do it for you. Let me give you an example: You wake up in the morning and you have to go to your daily job, and suddenly the phone rings, Its Jimmy, your friend/cousin/coworker, (the list goes on). You start at 9 but Jimmy calls you at 7 and he wants to meet you for morning coffee, because he has nothing to do all day and he is trying to kill time, with whoever he can find. Now if you haven't organize your day than you will definitely go for coffee with him and loose 2 hours of your precious time for nothing. On the the other site if you have prioritize your daily activities and keep strict to them, eg:

Wake up at 5 AM.

5:00 - 5:30 Pray/Meditate/Affirmation/Read

5:30 - 6:30 Run/Gym/Yoga

6:45 -7:20 Breakfast with your family.

7:30 -8:30 Spend time with your loved ones.

9:00 Work.

If you have organize your day like the example above than you will not have time extra to waste it with Jimmy.

You can prioritize your day activities according to what you really want in your life, so if the most important thing for you is to be wealthy than your primary goal for the day should be your wealth, either you are working on a project that will bring you lots of money, or even if you are already in the market and want to introduce a new product or service to move yourself to another level.

If your primary goal is to spend more time with your loved ones, then you must prioritize the time for them.

Whatever you are looking for in life should be prioritized and work towards it every day, constantly. My primary goal is to help people to get the best out of themselves. I work every single day to create courses, workgroups, seminars that will help them to improve their lives.

The example below is for guidance on how to prioritize your daily activities that are important for you.

Health.....................................Personal Development...........................................Finance

Run for 7 miles.....................Read a Book. (30 pages a day)..........Use FB to buy and sell products.

Follow a good Diet program........Write an article every day (Blog)................Increase sales

It can be something that it really inspires you to move forward, it can be spending time with your loved ones, driving a sports car, eating healthy food, taking the trip, whatever it is you must put it as your primary task to do and stick to it. When you follow your action plan then you will see that at the end of the day you will feel complete and happy because you have sticked to your plan.

If you want to learn more about how to prioritize your daily activities then you can ask for one of our Mentors to help you with your decisions and to follow up on your progress.

Life is a journey, Travel it well.