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How Are You Doing In Your Life

Do you want to know how you’re really doing in your life? Do you want to know where are you at the moment? Do you want to know where are you going and what kind of future are you expecting?

Start by asking yourself these simple but very important questions: Who Am I, when I am by myself? How do I feel about myself?

Being born in the poorest country in Europe i used to say: this was my luck, and for quite few good years i believed it that that was my luck, "I was comforting myself" and i did nothing to change the course of my life. It was until i come across some very good Self Development information that really touched me, when i heard Tony Robbins talking the way that he grow up, it felt like he was talking to me directly. I asked myself the same question that i am asking you, Who am I and how do i feel about myself? Until then I was nobody, and i could not make any difference in the world. I was alive or i was dead, there was no difference in the world, no one would care about me, except my family and my close friends and relatives, but either then that no one else. When i heard Tony talking about changing his life only by following some few simple strategies, I asked myself: He did it, why can't I? Whats going to happen if i try? My way was not working, why don't i try his way? I decided that I would do whatever i could to change my life. I was looking to make the changes in my life only on the outside. I moved to different countries, still it didn't work. I changed so many jobs, still it didn't work. What was I doing wrong that i could not make the change? Tonny gave me the answer, the answer was: Don't look for the change in the outside, look for it on the inside. I took his advice, I started studied his work, read every book possible i could find of his and any other books on Self Development field. I become obsessed with this subject. I started to apply whatever i learned into my life. I felt like i was a different person. I start attracting people into my life that i had only dreamed before. New opportunities started to appear before me. I become so obsessed with the work of Tonny', Dean Graciozi, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, and many more. I become so obsessed that i learned most of their speeches by heart. I started going into seminars, mastermind groups, courses, anything that i could get my self into it.

I started to do what they were doing, i start to help people out, to organize mastermind groups, to help people to change their lives the same way as they did with mine.

The secret to my change was simple but not easy,

I started working on myself from the inside out, I changed the way i was thinking, i changed my beliefs, i changed my mindset. I know how you feel, I know what you think, I been there, i lived where you are right now, and trust me, i know is ugly place to be. But I also know how to get out of there, i also know that if you are willing to change I can take you to highest places and never return where you are right now.

Check out my new ways of getting what you want in your life, take your first step, just register and this will be the best decision of your life. Join now! Until then, Be The Best BTB.