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How To Be The Best.

Let me ask you the questions: Is it possible for you to be in the best shape of your life physically? Is it possible for you to be financially better than last year? Is it possible to be become smarter than you ever been? If you are like me, then the answer to the questions is definitely YES I CAN.

Yes you can, if you work harder at the GYM, Run, exercise every day, then YES YOU CAN be in the best shape of your life. Yes YOU CAN be financially better then last year, and yes YOU CAN become smarter than you ever been.

If you ask yourself the question: Is it worthy to become in my best shape ever? Is it worthy to become smarter than ever before? Is it worthy that i become financially better than last year? If you are like me then the answer is YES, it is absolutely worthy to risk anything just to accomplish those things.

How do you do this?

Well, You must have a Plan of Action. To be The Best, You must have an Action Plan. To be in the best shape of your life, than follow the instructions (just like me)

Wake up early in the morning. (my time is 4AM) Run, Meditate, Gym, whatever is convenient for you, just do some exercise that will put your body and your muscles to work. Do it every day at the same time, Discipline yourself to wake up early. so by 6 or 7 AM you have done all your activity for the day, and you are ready to start your day full of energy.

How can you keep the energy going? Think of your best image of you, if you go to the GYM every day than definitely you will see your muscles building up, having a perfect body. Keep that image in your head and every time you feel like you don't want to do anything, just bring that image in your mind, and then you will see that you will want to go to the GYM even if you don't feel like it.

Break down the goal into small tasks. example: today run only 4 miles, tomorrow run 4,2 miles. (if you get bored, then do not run in the same route, change it, find another route)

When you exercise every day you will become physically and mentally really tough, and if at some point in life, something negative comes along (trust me it will come) then you are prepared, and you know how to deal with it, because you are physically and mentally tough.

You must remember that each one of your goals have a purpose. The clear is the purpose of your goal the better and the faster you will reach it. If you have a clear WHY you want your perfect body, WHY you want to be financially better than last year, then the easier would be to achieve the goals.

The closer you get to your goal the better you will feel about yourself and the harder you would like to work. It becomes a new habit of working hard and wining in life.

It is a long journey to the top of the mountain, but at the end when you are there you will see that the view and the feeling is unforgettable. Start working on yourself today, start now with what you have and you will get to the top no MATTER WHAT.

Until then, Be The Best, BTB