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How to eleminate DISTRACTION

How To Make reals Progress In Your Life.

Do you know how frustrated it gets when you are trying to finish a task but the phone rings, notification emails is on, kids playing around, TV is on, music is blasting and the list goes on and on.

How do you concentrate on your task, and how do you eliminate all the destructions?

Over 6 years ago I started meditation, mindfulness and my concentration on my tasks was improving. I started to wake up early, to avoid all the destructions and it worked, but still there was something more to it.

While I was running in the morning and listening to the motivational videos, I come across with the name of Eisenhower Decision Matrix. That day I had an urgent task to finish before 11.00 AM and also, I had another important meeting that I should attended. I quickly wrote on my phone URGENT IMPORTANT TASK and I wrote down the task I had to do and the deadline to finish it.

As soon as I got home, I researched on the Eisenhower Matrix and I found out really valuable information that I follow almost every day.

His matrix chart is as follows:

Eisenhower Decision Matrix is a square divided into 4 boxes


Important and Urgent





Important but not Urgent





Not important

But Urgent




Not important

Not Urgent.

Time wasters

Pleasant Activities.

Social Media.

Quadrant 1

Important Urgent tasks.

I use in quadrant 1 all the tasks that requires immediate attention. It can be a bill to pay (deadline)

Quadrant 2

Urgent but not important. I include in this box all the activities that don’t have a pressing deadline but they are important to achieve, such as personal goals, long term planning, journaling, courses to improve skills, meditation, Car and home maintenance. Spending time with family members.

Quadrant 3.

Urgent and not important Tasks.

I include tasks that require my attention but don’t help me achieve my goals. Those activities can be, someone comes to your house for visit, a phone call, a message, an email. Helping family members.

Quadrant 4

Not urgent and not important.

Those activities are for pleasure, watching TV, playing a video game, surfing the web, social media.

The Matrix is a great tool to win time and eliminate time wasting.

I will include as attachment the Eisenhower Decision Matrix worksheet as pdf format or you can use the App on your phone Eisenhower Matrix.

Until then ….