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How To Forgive

Time is the best cure for forgiveness

Each person will forgive when the time has come, and that time will appear in your mind and your heart in forms of feelings. You will now when the time is right because you will feel it, you will doubt your decisions taken prior to actions that caused the problem. You will feel the need to forgive the person and you to feel free and move on without any burden to carry with you.

How to forgive someone?

The first thing to do is to analyze or reply exactly what happen that caused the situation without putting any feelings into it. The best practice is to think as the situation it happens to someone else and you were just observing what happened.

While observing the scene notice what went wrong, and see what could be done to avoid it. (The reason behind this is to learn from the mistakes, even if it is not your mistake)

Involve trusted people to share their opinion on the issue, and ask them to be really honest on their answers or their advice. It is important not to keep sides but just to be fair.

Once you have had your friends and family’s opinion about the matter than is up to you to make up your mind, to make commitment to yourself that you will never feel guilty or hurt anymore about this matter.

If is your fault than forgive yourself for the yesterday mistakes. If it is someone else’s mistake again forgive them for their actions and for what they made you feel and seek peace and understanding for your own good.

You can keep blaming yourself or others for what happened but nothing is bringing back the time, and you are wasting your precious time on a matter that has already gone.

Do not take the offence personally, someone’s opinion about you doesn’t make you that person.

Your feeling is what is causing your state of suffering now, not the action that took place yesterday of long time ago, is your feelings which you need to control.

You must change your thoughts so you can change the way you feel. Instead of replaying the movie in your head, start using breathing techniques and focus your mind on the breathing not on the debate or discussion.

Use anything that can keep you from thinking the situation, Walk, Run, Read, Play do whatever is working for you to keep your mind away of the debate.

Remind yourself that God has made you for a good reason, and that debate/discussion that happened it happened to make you stronger and to make you better.

You can hope for love, prosperity, friendship, health and wealth and work hard to get them.

Use these situations as fuel to work harder on yourself, to show your prospects that you are strong and you can make it to the top.

When you work harder on yourself and when you make up your mind that nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goals than you will see that these kind of obstacles will never occur because your focus is going to be to rich your goals and everything else it will not matter.

Use your energy to work harder on yourself and focus hard on it and you will overcome the debate really easily.

Your success will hurt more anyone who doesn’t want you to be successful. The best revenge is life well lived.

Focus on what you have not on what you do not have. Find love, kindness, happiness around you, spend time with people that make you feel important, lovable and respect you.

As wise preacher once has said:

“When you know what God says about you, Why would you give up what God says about you, for an opinion of what somebody thinks about you, who didn’t make you, form you, knit you, call you, bleed for you, die for you?”

Until than Be The Best BTB.