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What are the signs, when you are wasting your life.

Sleeping late and waking up late

The undecisive person is Sleeping until late and just lying on the bed playing with your phone. Most of us forget that life is to short and we have to make the best out of this time on planet earth.

The dedicated person with purpose in their life, who knows what he/she wants they don’t spend their time lounging around on their phone. They can’t wait to get out of bed to go out and get what is theirs

Spending time on aimless activities.

In today’s world we are filled with countless amount of aimless activities such as: watching tv, playing games, surfing the net, being on social media, following people that are draining and eating your time. All these activities are giving us the pleasure of the moment and enjoying them for the moment but we forget that in long term run we are wasting our lives on non-important tasks.

People who are dedicated to their life mission don’t spend time on those non important activities, because they are aware that every day every hour, every minute, every second counts and if they waste this precious time, they will never get it back.

Spending more time planning on the paper than in actually acting on your dreams.

Most of the population are planning on making big changes on their lives, thinking about it at all time but never acting on the dreams and ideas that they have. Days pass one by one and they are still day dreaming. You can’t lose weight by just thinking that one day I will lose weight and I will go to the GYM and I will fit on my dress and look good in it, but you never do act on this idea.

People with purpose in their lives don’t sit around and daydreaming about their future, they are acting on it, they take massive action to make things happen. If they decide to lose weight, then they act on the idea, they wake up early, go for run, go to the GYM, and do whatever they can to make things happen for them.

Worrying about what others think of you.

If you spend your time thinking about what your friends will say if you take that action, if you think about their reaction, their attitude towards your action than you are wasting your life.

People that have purpose in their life DO NOT CARE what others will say about them, because they are too busy working on their dreams and purpose, they are focus on what they want to achieve and they don’t care about the opinion of others. People will talk if you act or if you don’t act on your ideas, so why bother thinking of their opinion?

Work on your dreams, work on yourself, live life to full potential and be proud of who you are and who you want to become. Take full control of your life and see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Life is beautiful. Life is a journey, so travel it well.