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What can we do to stand strong in difficult time, in times like this, (corona virus COV19, racism)

First thing we can do is to take inventory of ourselves. Am i still alive, do I have roof over my head, do i have my family my friends around me? God has wonderful plans for each one of us, that's why we are still alive, that's why we are still breathing, thats why God has made the decision for each one of us to keep us alive, to keep us calm and to deal with the problems that we are facing.

The COVIT19 is a test for human race to bring us closer to each-other, to feel and to do more for each - other. I love the videos and the comments of the people for our Nurses, Doctors, Police force, Fire fighters, for all the front line people that are risking their lives to save the lives of others, its such a great human gesture, that shows that we are more than just a human body, our beings goes far beyond our physical body, we are spirits, Gods work placed in human body.

Share what you feel, (Positive or Negative whatever it is just take it out)

You have to share your feelings, sharing feelings allows you to talk through the situation that had caused the difficulty. This way you can figure out how the problem occurred and what to do to fix it. You have to allow your suffering to be expressed, cry, scream, laugh do whatever you must to share it. If you express your feelings as it occurs, on the other site of all this there is a calm site that you will experience it after you have shared your feelings.

The only way out of any problems, situations is to deal with it directly. Difficult times like these have arrive at us all and we need to deal with the current situation by facing them, not by hiding. One of the main reasons why everyone specially NOW, RESPECTS the front line people is because they are FACING the current situation and are fighting against FACE to FACE. They do not spend their energy, by wishing things were different but they are dealing with it right here right now.

By accepting things as they are we are letting the universe know that we are at peace within ourselves and can use all the resources to help heal the pain and improve on the situation.

Asking empowering questions to explore possibilities.

The mind loves it when we ask empowering questions? By asking the right questions the mind can give us the right direction to change our focus. In the current situation our minds are focused only on the news and media that are reporting how many people have been infected and how many have died, and how many will die...and so on and so on.

But if we ask the right questions then we do not need to concentrate on the bad news, instead we must focus on the solution to the problems. We can ask questions like: What can i do to prevented? What do i need to do right now? How can i help someone else? Who might need my help? Who is the person that needs me the most right now? What can i do to improve my state of being? What can i do to be the HERO in this situation?

When we face a situation which is out of our control (and we all have faced such situations, we are living extreme situation right now) we must say to ourselves and anyone around us: Out of this situation only good will come, this is easily resolved for the highest good of all concerned, all is good and we are safe. I hope that you have noticed that during the Covit19 there was no traffic on the roads, there were no airplanes on the air, there were no trains moving, it was so peaceful, the sky was blue, the air was clean, the world was in the most quite state i have ever seen, People felt close to their families, they spend more time with them.

We must look for the evidence that shows that all our decisions are for the highest good and we can trust our selves. In this case we are helping ourselves by focusing on the evidence that we are still alive and we will make it no matter what.

Stay Strong Stay Safe. (SSSS)