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What we expect it is going to happen.

I was running this morning like every other day. I was listening to my morning motivational videos and running towards Hope River Trails in Vernon CT. I was approaching a man with his dog walking and enjoying the morning breeze. As I was getting closer to them, the dog started to run towards me, and only when the owner of the dog called him to go back, the dog turned away and run to his owner. Good morning, how are you today, “I asked him”?

“Well,” he said, “until now nothing has happened, so far so good”

I heard his words and stopped, it made me think, why would someone expect something bad to happen, what is he expecting to happen, is it something good or something bad that he is expecting to happen?

What make him and anyone else to think the same way?

“Why do you say that” I asked him?

“I am nearly 60 he said” I have fallen so many times, and I am tired of this situation that is going on right now with the politics, virus, and the depression of the people.

You look in great shape, you are out here in the beautiful nature early morning walking your dog and enjoying it, so why do you say that?

I was watching the news he said early morning and all you could see was how people are suffering, how the politicians do not get along and all the worst news that you could hear.

Well, we have a choice to make every day that we wake up it is a new start for each one of us I told him. I chose not to watch news, because I do not want to allow someone else to run my life. I choose to come out here to run, to feel the fresh air and to clear my mind of every single unnecessary thinking that the people, the media the tv bring to us with only one purpose, and that purpose is to control us in everything we do.

So, I choose not to allow someone to control me. I design my own destiny. I take my own decisions; I create the life I want.

Sir I asked him, if you didn’t watch the news this morning would you feel the same? If you listen to something pleasant, to something that you like to listen to, don’t you think that you would never expect something bad to happen?

Instead of being happy and enjoying the walk, you are thinking of something that it has nothing to do with you. Don’t let your TV to ruin your day. You have a beautiful dog, you enjoy this moment that you are here, because this moment it will go and it will never come back, so enjoy what you have right now and do not think of what your TV and your media is telling you to think.

Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, enjoy and expect all good things to happen and they will.

He said, thank you young man, I needed someone to tell me that, sometimes we get lost in our thinking and we do not know what is right and what is wrong. Thank you, and he walked away with his dog. Have a great day sir, and enjoy. It is a beautiful day.

It takes only little things to change the way we think and the ways we act. We do not need to put ourselves into a state of mind which doesn’t help us in a long run.

A simple good morning to your neighbor, a hello to a stranger you meet on the streets it can boost your energy level and it makes you feel better.

So be kind, be strong, be the best.

Until then.....